No One knows who I am
Here's a Hint:
I'm a racist, homophobic Criminal


Lovers?  Asking for a friend.


Newsweek said 30,000,000 people haven't heard of me.   Thats just sad.  I'm going to tell you again who I am.   I'm a sanctimonious asshole who calls my wife "mother" and I hate anyone not old, white and straight.

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Serving The Community by marginalizing people who I disapprove of from my high horse is what I do.

I work tirelessly to let people know that they don't get to love who they chose, they don't get to legally protest police violence, and I will continue to work tirelessly to lock kids in cages, separate families and to support racists, homophobes, bigots, liars and frauds.   


United By A Common Goal of Racism

I'm going to pick up where Trump leaves off.  As soon as he is indicted and convicted, I'll be your guy.  I'll united all racists, bigots and criminals while continuing to be complicit with treason, fraud, lies, scams upon tax payers and hard working families. 


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Mike can't win without  help.  But he doesn't want donations from anyone who supports the rights of people of color, LGBTQ, anyone who believes boys will be boys and colluding with Russia is treason.  That's where we come in.

Donating to this site is keeping the message that Mike Pence is a homophobic, racist, bigot in the front and center for all to see, especially if he decides to run for office in 2020.  Gawd helps us if that happens.  Maybe he'll be in prison by then.  


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Tell Mike Pence he is a racist, treasonist homophobic asshole by donating to help the people he marginalizes. 

Get involved! Get this criminal out of office.